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A Commitment to Excellence

Calumet Carton Company carries on a tradition established five generations ago. It is simply this… strive for excellence and business success will follow. Back in 1930, startup businesses were few and success rates were even fewer. The only thing that assured Calumet Carton would make it through those tough times and grow and prosper was that simple commitment to excellence, based on these three foundations:

  • Become the best in the markets we serve. Seek out customers where there is a natural fit between their needs and our capabilities.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Reinvest to provide our customers with the best in quality and economy.
  • Find and maintain the best people we can. After all, the heart of any business and secret to its success is the quality and dedication of its people.

Over the years, these guidelines have served us well, and we continue to follow them today. Our commitment to excellence has led us to where we are today… Your Partner in Mailing and Packaging Solutions.


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