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If you send out small packages (under 13 ounces) and would like to verify delivery, then the ConfirMailer is for you!

Our ConfirMailers allow you to send small parcels through USPS, and qualify for Signature and Delivery Confirmation services at First-Class Mail rates.

  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% Recyclable
  • Made of lightweight recycled N-Flute corrugated
  • Features a secure pressure sensitive closure and tear strip opening
  • Ships flat for easy handling and storage
  • In stock and available coast to coast from multiple warehouse locations
  • Custom printing available – from 1-7 colors

We can custom print your mailers with our high quality offset printing process. Custom sizes are available as well.

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Item Size Qty/Case Lbs/Case
CFM-SM 4.125 X 0.75 X 8.625″ 200 20.0
CFM-LTR 5.125 X 0.375 X 10″ 200 25.0
CFM-DOC 8.5625 X 0.8125 X 11.0625″ 200 10.0
CFM-FBX 11.5 X 0.375 X 4.375″ 100 17.0
CFM-FBS 11.5 X 0.8125 X 4.375″ 100 13.0

What’s a ConfirMailer?

ConfirMailers boxes Are specially designed to conform to DMM 503.9.0 and 503.10.0. They are USPS approved parcels to use Delivery and Signature Confirmation with First-Class Mail®. These boxes are made of lightweight corrugated materials with special rigid design construction (patent pending).

How Does It Work?

This service lets mailers enjoy an “ounce rate” and still get confirmation services. Ground based carriers charge by the pound regardless of weight. This makes a savings of over $4.00 vs. traditional ground based delivery services. Savings may be even greater since USPS does not impose residential or Saturday delivery surcharges.

Sending a 5oz package using a ConfirMailer Mailing Box with your electronic postage machine**
Date & Time Delivered -
No Signature (Delivery Confirmation)
Date & Time Delivered -
With Signature (Signature Confirmation)
First-Class Mail Postage $2.41 First-Class Mail Postage $2.41
Delivery Confirmation FREE Signature Confirmation $2.20
Total $2.41 Total $4.61
Compare to UPS Ground (Retail) — Zone 2 – $8.61 (Commercial) or $11.62 (Residential)
**No postage machine? You can still save!
Delivery Confirmation is $0.85/piece and Signature Confirmation is $2.55/piece, still a big savings compared to UPS Ground!

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